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They'll all fall

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

TD: The Elastic Snapback Effect

This classic post by Tyler Durden is available here. The post discuss how girls try to regain their sexual power etc, and has similarities with Hitori's post linked below.

NLP weekly

For those interested in NLP (me! me!), NLP weekly looks to be a brilliant resource. If you are into hypnosis, I'll also take the chance of recommending this Elman Induction script, which is the best Elman script I have seen. The page also includes the only scripted Milton induction I've ever seen - useful for those that are not trained to use Milton normally. The background image on that page sucks, though.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Gunwitch Method 3

Gunwitch has just published Gunwitch Method 3 - the Gunwitch method adapted for clubs. Get it while it's hot! (Gunwitch is the primary source of information on seduction based on sexual state. It is an extremely important part of any real master's toolbox.)

Women Explained

Hitori has written up a brilliant description of women and social status, under the title Women Explained. If you haven't read it - read it now.

Sheriff's 31 subcommunication points

Sheriff has collected 31 subcommunication points. These are based on Tyler's 25 points, but are simpler and in my opinion easier to use. A big thanks for letting me repost them here:

Subcommunications: (sheriff)

I think my material is weak
[ ] Talking too fast in case they lose interest
[ ] Saying "Yeah?", "You know?" in attraction phase
[ ] Using your hands to tell a story
[ ] Continuing to talk without feedback (dig, dig, dig)
[ ] Not being concise

I have low value
[ ] Legs too close / huddling
[ ] Talking too softly
[ ] Qualifying shortcomings: "I'm tired",
"My nice clothes are dirty"
[ ] Justifying who you are, what you do
"I don't want to be rich anyway"
[ ] Scared of body contact with women, unless they think
you're groping
[ ] Pointing out that you're peacocking
[ ] Trying to impress people with stories of previous

You have high value
[ ] Leaning in or pecking - is she that important to you?
[ ] Facing body-language before it's earned
[ ] Chasing if she moves away - move away to reflect it
[ ] Taking shit you wouldn't take from an ugly girl
[ ] Answering questions too early or quickly
[ ] Snapping your head when you're addressed
[ ] Trying to always get back to the thread you were on
[ ] Not treating your wing as more important
[ ] Saying "What?" in the attraction phase
[ ] Too much thought into your answers in attraction phase
[ ] Waiting for her to return in the attraction phase
[ ] Remembering details of past interactions
[ ] Jumping into the rapport phase

I'm over-compensating
[ ] Too business-like, tight shoulders
[ ] Laughing at your own jokes
[ ] Talking too loudly, too expansively
[ ] Approaching where the logistics clearly don't work
[ ] "That's because I'm so fucking sexy"
[ ] Not entering the rapport phase

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Internal Value vs (seduction) Tool Value / calibration

Tyler has introduced a new concept / way at looking at seduction: You project your internal value through different forms of subcommunication (see Tyler's 25 points and the next post). The seduction tool you use (e.g, Cocky and Funny) project a specific level of value, too. Depending on the internal value you project, the tool can (A) project different things, and (B) pull you up or down. Using a too high-powered tool when you're projecting low internal value can easily backfire.

You can read the entire post here.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Tyler on the GWM

Here is a post by Tyler Durden about his experiences with / view of the Gunwitch method, relevant in view of the present set of conflicts between Tyler and Gunwitch.

Low energy vs high energy game

Sir Italian posts about pick up videos, and in passing comments on his own game that he runs lower energy game than the people in the video.

I also generally run fairly low energy game - and I think I get better results that way than trying to go "high energy". There's a simple reason: I've got little "high energy" material and infinite amounts of "low energy" material, because that's just being me.

This lose me a number of initial pickups from approaches, but has the advantage that I can keep girls around. I've kept some FBs for years, and have girls I've skipped (but kept up my normal very occasional interaction with) that indicate interest for years afterwards. If the attraction had been built on routines that are high energy and I'd switched to low energy afterwards, I doubt I could have done that.

Indications of Interest

mASF contains an interesting thread on various Indications of Interest at the moment. This is a traditional sticking point for people: Not knowing what is an IOI, so this thread is quite valuable.


  • gregory had the initial list.
  • rp_5150 has another long list of IOIs.
  • Chumly: IOI = "Is she still there?"