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They'll all fall

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Short Set Method

The "Short Set Method" is how to behave to get into sets in places where there are lots of regulars. It is basically the way I work clubs already when it works well, and recommended for use in private parties. For some reason I have never thought of that...

Basic concept: Do a large number of ultra-short sets. 10 seconds to half a minute or so. Then repeat, repeat, repeat. Always talk to somebody, and always talk to somebody new. Keep switching regardless of indications of interest.

The interesting posts on this from mASF are:
  • Tyler Durden, who seems to have initiated the name "Short Set Method".
  • CraigSD220, who has a long post on "Craig's Natural Way" describing it with more background and detail. The entire thread is searchable here.


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