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They'll all fall

Monday, January 24, 2005

Getting your own invisible wrinkled asian

... or: How to get better fast.

Remember all the martial arts movies, where the Hero goes out and trains with an ancient chinese master, the master nods at him when the Hero-in-training does something right, and the Hero brighten up like a lightbulb went off? Well, you can have your own invisible seduction teacher - and this is good, because wrinkled asians tends to get in the way of meeting new women.

It's simple: Set up one part of your mind to always watch what you are doing. This part only give praise when you do something right. It reminds you to feel a sense of accomplishment, feel good about yourself for whatever you do right.

The above is my main use of "seduction theory" - I go out, I interact with women naturally, and I make sure I feel good when I do something right. I remember to feel good about moving my attention to other people present, to feel good when I make her intrigued, even to feel good when I give her a little less of me than she wants. The little asian comes out, saying "You doing vely well!"

From today on, you too will have your own invisible asian. Pray that he has good breath.


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