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They'll all fall

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Where to start learning seduction

A lot of guys (well, four) have asked me to write on this subject. I'll give it a try, and as always: No warranty, try at your own risk, and do not put your cat into the text while the power is on.

Important advice
  1. Most important: Practice a skill until you have it mastered. Then add another skill. And another. Attempting to handle all skills at the same time will result in you aquiring none - and getting no results.

  2. To get girls, you need to make getting each particular girl unimportant. I do that by focusing on my game[1] rather than the possible lay. No matter what the result of the set is, I have gotten to practice my game - and thus gotten better at it.

  3. Subcommunication is extremely important. This is will make or break your game. Read Tyler Durden's 25 points (to get more background) and use Sheriff's 31 points as a checklist.

  4. Being a good seducer is any one of a million skill sets. No two seducers has the exact same skillset. What is important is to find a set of skills that match your personality, and using those to good effect.
[1] Specifically, I focus on voice use, body language, attention control, and reading the other people involved.

In field
  1. Eye contact is something you'll need to handle. If you cannot already do so, train yourself to be able to keep eye contact with any girl indefinately (that is, until she looks away.) This alone will help your interaction with people, and it is simple to start training.

  2. Approaching girls gives you a close to infinite number of girls to interact with. This makes it much easier to consider the particular girl you've just approached unimportant. It also makes it much easier to consider any other girl you happen to talk to as unimportant. Overall, this gives you a much larger chance to try out new techniques with no investment. Eye contact training makes approaching much easier.

  3. Routines is a brilliant form of training wheels. And that's also their most significant function - training wheels for getting confident, for getting your subcommunication in place, for knowing that you can speak to girls continually. You should use these - and you should be ready to take them off the moment you can. I personally use routines - and I pull fairly regularly - and I've never combined the use of routines with pulling girls. A requirement for training routines reasonably well is being able to approach. Also note that you'll need to use a routine 20+ times before it sounds really natural. So add some at a time, and remove them all when you are ready for it (then maybe reintroduce some of them after a while).

In- and out of field exercises

  1. Learn to read body language. This let you know when the girls are interested, when what you're saying works, who's dominant in the moment, and a whole host of other things. Besides, it helps your subcommunication in the other direction.

  2. Practice alpha body language. This means taking space and moving slowly, mostly. Observe the body language of those that seem "manly", and try to copy that - if you copy a series of different characters, your natural body language will improve and become more flexible.

  3. Practice attention control. Know where your attention is, and track how your body language express this. By using attention as reward, you can easily establish higher value, and you make anybody want your attention. This is useful both for seduction and in regular life.

Out of field exercises
  1. Answer Razorjack's questions. Answering these will help your inner game, and may point out areas in your life where you want to improve to help your inner game.

  2. Do voice training. A minimal amount of voice training will give you a lot back. I especially recommend trying to sing your normal speech for an hour, playing with your voice when talking to your wing (put pressure "randomly" at first, and you'll learn how to use it well later), and trying to out-frame your wing - talk loudly and both of you try to just keep talking and increasing volume when the other tries to interrupt.]

  3. Read They'll All Fall regularly :-)


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  • I've just spent 20 minutes searching on alt.seduction.fast for those Tyler's 25 points and couldn't find them. Can you help?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:01 PM  

  • I've added an outlink for that, and for Sheriff's 31 points (previous post).

    - Eek

    By Blogger Eek, at 6:05 PM  

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