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Friday, January 07, 2005

Women coming from giving fellatio?

Over in A Bad Man In A Bad Place, Eric Castello asks if there exists women that come from oral sex alone. I cannot speak from personal experience, and I've still got input to share: Two techniques I've learned . Both of these techniques allow you to move orgasm sensitivity from the clitoris/vagina to other spots on the body. Both are also reported field tested with success (my own field tests only indicate that I need more than a one nighter to perform the second technique.)

Technique 1: Cross-anchoring (originator: An unknown poster on mASF)

This should be a fairly simple technique to perform, much simpler than the hypnotic technique. The hypnotic technique is faster, though.

To induce a cross-anchor, you exploit the structure of the neural system: "Neurons that fire together wire together". Simply provide the same stimulus at two different point, and any effect will be linked. The best way to start this is by giving as close to the exact same stimulation to her clitoris and nipple until she comes (use a lubricant on the nipple to increase similarity). When you have done this a few times, she will start coming from nipple stimulation - and she will be a believer. This will make repeating the procedure for another body part much easier. The original poster stated that he'd done a transfer to the earlobe using this technique. I find that plausible.

In order to transfer to mouth orgasm, I'd first transfer to the nipples (as they should be fairly easy), then the ear lobe, and then the mouth. This would establish a sort of yes set for the transfer, and the mouth transfer is the one I see as most likely to be difficult.

To increase the efficiency of the technique, focus her attention on what you are doing - continually talk about the feeling in her nipple, how it brings her closer to orgasm, etc.

Technique 2: Hypnotic transfer (from David Shade)

So, we have the above technique making it fairly easy to do a transfer. It just takes a bit of time. For those that are planning to do this many times, it is probably better to learn David Shade's technique. It basically go as follows (assuming my memory works reliably; a dubious proposition at best, so all blame to me, all credit to David):

  1. Put the girl into deep trance using the technique of your choice. (David include an example Elman induction script in his book; see previous post for the Elman script I prefer.)
  2. Make her orgasm on command by describing exactly what should be happening in her body (contractions of the vagina etc). I use standard Milton techniques when I do this.
  3. Link commanded orgasms to also be possible to trigger from her nipples (optional but recommended)
  4. Link commanded orgasms to also be possible to trigger from stimulation of the lips, and link the pleasure to having a penis in her mouth.
I highly recommend David's book for details on this and other sexual techniques.


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