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They'll all fall

Monday, April 18, 2005

(outlink) Hypnotica the self hypnosis site

While searching for information on hypnosis and weight loss, I found the Hypnotica self hypnosis site. NOTE: This is not Steve Piccus of The Sphinx of the Imagination.

The actual induction and deepening discussed here is just a progressive relaxation plus the standard countdown deepening. You'll find better inductions elsewhere (I like the 3VAC induction, for instance.) However, the discussions of various issues around weight loss and hypnosis seems interesting, and the ideomotor questioning pages are interesting if you're unfamiliar with that.

I personally use quite a bit of ideomotor questioning, though I do not use pendlums, and I do it primarily to release specific stress anchors. (I'll do a post on my techniques some day...)


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