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They'll all fall

Monday, August 15, 2005

On depression

It's OK to be depressed - it's a natural reaction to various forms of stress. Just accept it, and relax about it, and you'll find that you'll get out of it again.

Here's my take for myself: To get out of it, you have to choose. You have to choose to see the good side of each moment - does the green tea taste good? Enjoy it. Ignore the rest, just enjoy it. It's sunny outside. Look at the intricate green detail of the trees, the flowers towards the end of their season, yet still flowering. Hear the sounds of life around you, how every little movement creates a sound, a little part to the beating of the world's heart. Feel the warmth in the room, and wonder at it - wonder at your senses, how they can be, how they can make every moment contain some good, as you just notice and discover it.

It's all about the moment. As you get into each moment, you'll find that it can be good. Sometimes it can be a challenge, yet every single moment will have good things when you learn to notice them. And as you learn that, you'll learn to rise out of depression. Every time you do it, it'll get easier. The more you pull back to the moment, the more times you'll be ready to be able to find the good in the long view, too. This may happen for you shortly, or it may take some time - it's up to you. You're allowed to ask others for help, too - and they want to help you.


  • Beautiful... exactly what I needed in this moment- thank you for the gift.

    By Anonymous DeepState, at 12:21 AM  

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