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They'll all fall

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

(outlink++) The Stress of Life

The Stress of Life is a website about stress, with a number of short articles on the topic and tracking news articles that sometimes are useful.

I found the pages on relaxation techniques and traits that promote resilience to be worth pointing out separately. Someday, I might use the latter as a self-development checklist.

Trivia: Though not (obviously, at least) acknowledged on the site, the name "The Stress Of Life" is taken from the classic book by Hans Selye. The book is interesting reading, giving background on the development of the stress concept, various hormonal reactions, how the body handles injury, etc. Alas, it is though going, and it will not give you any direct techniques - just a frame of reference for thinking about stress on a medical level. You should also be aware that the "New and updated with all the newest research findings" on the cover is slightly misleading - that was true when it was updated in the mid 70s. For something that's up to date and easier to read, you might try Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers by Robert M Sapolsky.


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