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They'll all fall

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Aren't there some things that can't be explained?

I was recently asked "Aren't there some things that can't be explained" by a spiritual friend. My answer may help you understand that background of science, and of this blog:

To me, the question of "are there some things that can't be explained" doesn't really make sense. There's some things that trivially can't be explained - for instance, I just threw a coin. As of this moment and all the future, nobody can explain why that particular toin coss resulted in tails rather than heads. Before I threw it, nobody could know that it would land as tails rather than heads.

I believe there's a lot of similar effects in relationships, and most everything else. Things that are essentially random, outside our ability to measure. I believe that's probably fundamental to the universe.

On the other hand, I also know there's a lot of a structure to most things in our universe. For instance, the coin I tossed had very little chance of landing on its edge.

That's a kind of structure.

I believe we can find structure in a lot of things, and that knowing about these structures is useful. There are some structures to human relationships - patterns we can see in them, where they tend to work particular ways.

Of course, we can never predict exactly how a particular relationship will work out - but we may know a bit about what heads, tails, and edge would be for it...


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