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They'll all fall

Friday, May 13, 2005

Making your own style

There are several places to start. One is to get a book on colour theory for different facial types. Professional makeup books have sections on this, as do complete image books. I've got one called "Presenting Yourself - For Men", which made one of my friends guess that I was gay.

Another place to start is to play with matching. See what colours match up, try out every outfit you can from your wardrobe (there always something given to us by some relative that we never felt comfortable using - can various stuff be matched up?), go to a garage sale and pick up everything that looks like it could be fun - and spend some time just playing in front of a mirror. Be vain. Spend hours trying combinations, see what's an improvement - keep a journal, if you like, saying "Hmm, this combination was OK, but it's missing XYZ".

A third is to start looking - really looking - at people in the street. Notice those that are stylish. What's making them stylish? Which colours do they match up? Which colour combinations are outrageous but they just make them work? Why?

It takes time to get used to this. Style won't come overnight. Andif you let yourself play with it for a while, just getting better and better, style WILL come. You'll be naturally able to match up things and make them You.


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