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They'll all fall

Friday, December 16, 2005

(outlink] The Anatomy of Bachelorette Party

The Anatomy of a Bachelorette Party:
When you think about it, a bachelorette party is the single guy’s ultimate scenario. A parade of drunken, sexually charged females roaming the bar in celebration of their friend’s upcoming wedding. They just had a private party at a nearby apartment in which they exchanged various sex toys and masturbation aides. From there, they took it to the strip club and watched very gay, but scantily clad muscular men dance and wave their limp junk in their faces. Now they are all here, under the same roof as you, and every one of them is drinking from straws shaped like penises. Talk about a silver platter.

By way of Sexoteric.


  • Oh yeah. I remember busting a bachelorette party once. Problem was, I tried picking up the bride to be and was promptly verbally assaulted by the rest of the party... And *that*s when I found out it was a bachelorette party :>

    By Blogger Esteanil, at 6:27 PM  

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