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Sunday, April 23, 2006

(outlink) killswitch on Attention Radius

Here is the following post with discussion (temporarily reproduced due to problems with permanent links):

In case you can't tell I've been sort of obsessing on this topic for a little while now.. and I apologize if I've been KJing a bit but I've also been out in the field trying this stuff out at least once every day since we started talking about this. The shit I saw tonite has made me so pumped to go out tomorrow and the next night and the next night, more than anything else I've experienced so far. I feel there's a lot of stuff I can't really explain about why this topic is so important to me.. it's really solidified my game into one basic structure, everything I've learned about game thus far seems to make sense now.. it's a personal breakthrough. I imagine that every PUA has at one point or another felt this "aha" moment where things suddenly make sense, and I'm sure it doesn't have to be this AR crap, this just worked for me and maybe it will work for some of the others out there that are stuck.

anyway, this is how I shrink my AR, and it doesn't just apply to game.
First of all, there are two ways to get into this state - one is through achieving something and riding the confidence it gives you. This is what is happening when you snowball your sarges in an evening.. start off small and gain confidence and then just ride the confidence. I also noticed my AR was pretty small for the whole day when I aced a hard test a couple days ago. I just rode the confidence and the rest of the world fell into step with me. If you get good at anchoring these feelings, Im sure you could develop a powerful AR-shrinking method by calling on them when you want.. something that a lot of gurus suggest, but IME this is hard to do and it's easy for this to go away when you hit a bump in the road. (That's just me though, I've always had a thing where I feel lame everytime I think I'm bullshitting myself so when I do self affirmations they don't last long.)

The other way I can achieve a small AR, and this is the more important way IMO, is through visualization of an objective. This takes more steps than you would at first think, though. Ocean Eyes made an interesting reply to a post in 'general' called "I am sick and tired of being sick and tired" where he suggested that an effective way of getting your sarge to the next level is to have clean sheets. This is completely true and should be the FIRST thing they tell noobs coming into the game. The first thing you need to do to get your AR to shrink is BE PREPARED FOR YOUR DESIRED OUTCOME.. this seems obvious but SO MANY PEOPLE IGNORE THIS. For example, my room is a complete mess and I haven't shaved my balls in far too long.. I go out sarging and when it comes time to escalate I stall, and I never know why.. it's because Im NOT PREPARED to take the chick home. When you think about this it makes sense.. your AR is completely aware of every way you're unprepared to handle your prize if you were to win it, so you avoid it.. your AR is very big at this point and it's impossible to shrink it without getting rid of that unpreparedness.
SO - to shrink your AR you need to FIRST FIND AN OBJECTIVE, and BE PREPARED TO ACHIEVE IT. In the case of picking up, make sure your life can handle some strange new girl coming into it, make sure you have clean sheets, work out any issues you might have that would make you hesitate in bringing home a girl. If your objective is getting a job, make sure you want the job or you will bomb your interview on purpose.. if your objective is good grades make sure you like your studies.. if your objective is improving your game, make sure you don't give a fuck about what your friends think, etc etc.

The second thing you need to do is VISUALIZE YOUR OBJECTIVE, and HOLD IT IN YOUR HEAD. When you walk into a bar, be visualizing yourself using the 3 second rule, and hold that visualization in your head until you are talking to some hot number. DO NOT concentrate on anything else until then.. always hold the image of yourself walking right up to a girl in your head until you are doing it. When you have succesfully engaged her, VISUALIZE HER IN YOUR CLEAN BED. DO NOT VISUALIZE ANYTHING ELSE... EVEN WHILE YOU ARE TALKING TO HER. This is I'm sure what Gunwitch is referring to with his "sexual state" method..

Now, what I want to stress is that when I say "visualize" your objective I DO NOT mean obsess about it, or put any expectation on it.. that stuff is counter-productive and will only lead to nervousness and panic. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS VISUALIZE IT.. play with the imagine in your head. Don't tell yourself "I must accomplish this", don't stress yourself about it at all... just...... v-i-s-u-a-l-i-z-e it. Relax and visualize..

So to recap
-Set an objective
-Be prepared to succeed!!! I can't stress this enough.
-Visualize yourself succeeding.. don't expect, visualize.

The reason this works is that it is creating a positive "blip" on your AR radar screen.. if it's positive enough, it is like dangling a carrot in front of a horse.. your whole AR will shift, you will stop being aware of anything besides this carrot dangling in front of you, and you will start to use game as an extension of your body.. you won't even think about it, just like you don't think about your handlebars when you're riding a bike.. you just look at where you want to go and your body gets you there.

some examples of what I just talked about
-When I'm playing poker with my buddies, I ALWAYS lose if I have any issues with time constraints, because Im not prepared to take the time necessary to win. I also ALWAYS lose when I tell myself I have to win. I USUALLY win when I start thinking about the fun things I will do with the money. keywords - relax, visualize, be prepared to win.

-When I'm talking to a girl and I'm thinking about how well the conversation is going, I ALWAYS lose her interest. When my room looks and smells like shit and my roomates are drunk back at the apartment, I ALWAYS fail to escalate.. I usually eject or start experimental shit to "learn about game" (ha!) and blow it. When I am visualizing sex while talking to a girl, my eyes become some movie star's bedroom eyes, my voice becomes deep and playful, my nerves completely relax and the rest of the room fades into obscurity.. and it is FUCKING MONEY to the girl. keywords - be prepared, relax, visualize.

-When I'm walking down the road or standing next to a bar watching the game, and I don't have a specific objective, I make sure I'm comfortable (getting prepared), and just visualize myself completely relaxing. I block out noise and distractions just by visualizing myself relaxing and having a good time. Somebody shouts at the other end of the bar, or a poolcue falls (that's always so damned loud), or a car honks somewhere behind me, I don't even fucking turn around to look at all, unless I decide I want to (which is why it happens slowly, not reactively, which is Alpha anyway), because these things don't have anything to do with achieving my goal at that point, which is just relaxation and having a good time. keywords - be prepared, calmly visualize myself relaxing and having a good time.

One last example, and this is for you to think about.
Picture yourself sitting face to face with a hot girl, talking. Really picture it.. your perfect girl.
Now, picture her in your bed. Is it a good picture? What is good about it? Try to think. Is she smiling deeply? Is she having a good time? Are you?
Now, picture yourself back at the bar again, staring into her eyes.
Do you see what I mean? This makes transitioning into kino and sexual frames so much more natural.. and natural is the name of the game.

hope this helps

I am still working on AR interaction.. that is a tricky and complex world.

EDIT - I should have mentioned that this is just a way to perform the things you've learned elsewhere about game.. you should already know the basics like some good openers and negs and takeaways, and know about IOIs and kino and shit. I assume most people who are reading "Advanced" stuff would know the theory by now.. this is just a way to make it flow without fear or distraction or even thinking about it. A way to boost inner game and internalization, if you will.


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