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They'll all fall

Monday, January 31, 2005

Magick, Seduction, and NLP+

UlimateSeduction's Archangel has a post on his "8 step method" towards "magickal power". As usual, I'm a sceptic. "Magick" in this case seems to be standard limbic system influence - not magic, but still quite effective. I'll use the chance to also point out Philip H Farber's "Instant Evocation" article, describing a "magick ritual" in NLP terms. It's much, much easier and more useful without the traditional mumbo jumbo.

On another note, Archangel is also the originator of "NLP plus", an attempted simplification of NLP for easier learning. He's only got one example on the website - "how to gain rapport"- and that seems quite good. This is useful for easier learning, at the cost of not getting the full depth of NLP - so "NLP minus" might be a better name - but quicker learning is a significant benefit. It is better to practice something a lot simpler than to not practice seomthing more complex.

As for how to turn off internal dialogue: See next post.


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