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They'll all fall

Sunday, February 20, 2005

(outlink) Master's Apprentices: Congruence Makeover pt. 1

There's a nice post going through various aspects of non-verbal communication over at Master's Apprentices: Congruence Makeover pt. 1

"Congruence" means having all aspects of yourself working together towards a goal. The post describes aspects of body language and voice use that goes towards being congruent with being relaxed, dominant, alpha.

I'll also repeat my standard advice: Work on your body language. Work on your voice use. These are very, very important for having your seductions work. You can seduce using only body language and voice tonality; and it is almost impossible to seduce without them.

Working on your body language feeds directly back into other aspects of confidence. Your body language will fix itself without intervention if you fix everything else. However, everything else will fix itself much easier if you fix your body language first :-)


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