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They'll all fall

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Things that make me feel closer to a partner

(From a posting elsewhere)

  • Cuddling/touching. Just touching each other because it feels good, non-sexually. Like sitting "on top of each other" or stroking the other as goes past him/her as part of other activites.
  • Spending time together without doing anything together. E.g: One of us sits reading, the other thinking
  • Cooking food together
  • Looking into each other eyes (just sitting there looking at each other)
  • Doing small thoughtful things for each other
  • Example: Leaving/finding small "Hi" notes
  • Example: Giving/receiving small gifts for no reason (it is the intention/thought behind the gift that counts, not the cost)
  • Doing minor sacrifices for each other. This must be balanced - if it goes out of balance, it creates distance. Example of sacrifice: Going to a different movie than you would really have preferred because you know your partner would much rather see another one, and that one is reasonably OK by you.
  • Planning things to do together in the future. E.g: Planning a vacation together.
  • Sharing secrets. Either common ones, or one of us "giving" one to the other.
If anybody can think of others, please add a comment, no matter how late - I'll probably republish this later with more added.


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