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They'll all fall

Monday, February 21, 2005

Eye Contact - comment

Over on Games are for Children, Steve posted about Eye Contact.

Now, since people that read They'll All Fall might also read Games are for Children, I thought I'd take the time to give more correct information.

Very important: Always read body language signs together. One sign alone says little; all together can fill a book in an instant.

Eye contact is a benefit in approaching a girl. Eye contact it is not necessary, nor is it sufficient. It indicates a level of interest towards the person you are having eye contact with. Possibly a light interest, most likely a non-sexual interest, possibly a negative interest, and still some interest. It is perfectly possible to look people over without eye contact (as opposed to what Steve says).

With girls, you can get an indication (not 100%, of course) of how this interest goes by looking at how they keep or break the eye contact. If they keep eye contact up, it is a good sign. If they break eye contact by looking down, that is also a good sign (it's slightly submissive, and can indicate sexual interest). If they break eye contact by looking to the side, that's a slightly bad sign.

The idea that girls change their interest level depending on whether they are with their boyfriends or not wrong. Girls can and will often be interested in you even when their boyfriend is along. If the boyfriend is along, it is likely her inhibitions will be higher, and she's less likely to perform infidelity with you. If that's what you are after.


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