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They'll all fall

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

(outlink) McGill University's The Brain From Top To Bottom

McGill University has an exceedingly interesting site up: The brain from top to bottom.

This is the web as it should be. The site goes through present knowledge of brain and knowledge, with 5 articles and 3 variants per topic. And it's all interconnected - there's links all over the place.

Wonder how fear works? Well, here it is in it's full glory: What molecules are released, how each cell responds to that, which areas of the brain are involved, how people react psychologically to that, and how societies are built using and avoiding fear. Oh, and there's articles for beginners, intermediates, and advanceds - on each of these.

Of course, fear influence memory - so you'll find links to how memories form, and how our cognition work. Etc, etc, etc.

I love this site.


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