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They'll all fall

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What women mean by "intelligence"

In a forum I frequent, a woman claimed she was filtering men for "intelligence", and was challenged by what she meant. This is her reply:

When looking for intelligence in a man, I look for many if not all of the following. They are not ranked in any particular order and some may hold more weight than others.

Ambition - does he have any? What has he accomplished, what are his goals?

Common Sense (street smarts) - generally, more important than overwhelming book sense

Time Management - is he able to juggle many things with ease, or does he struggle with prioritizing his time?

Resolve - does he do what he says that he is going to do when he says that he is going to do it, or does he make excuses for lack of?

Communication - when he talks does he do so in a non attacking, discussion provoking manner. If he makes assumptions he classifies them as such. This one is very hard to put into words, but I'll try to expand later if it's unclear.

Education and Financial Stability - this one has importance, but isn't the driving factor. Let's face it, Nobel Peace Prize winners have been dirt poor, and folks with money running out their ass don't have the sense to come in from the rain.

That's a good start...if a guy can capture my attention with several of these and engage me in a conversation about 'anything' I'm generally sparked by his intelligence.

Most of these are habits, and habits it is possible to aquire.


  • Nice post, it reminds me of all of the self help books and material, which, if used and incorporated into your life will give you pretty much everything she's looking for. A good start, as always is "Think and Grow Rich".


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:04 AM  

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