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They'll all fall

Friday, February 17, 2006

Seduction by numbers

I just gave some advice on IRC for how to do "shotgun seduction" - trying a lot of women very quickly, and getting yes from some (low) percentage. Here's a small script I wrote:

You know, I can tell a lot of things about a woman's personality just by looking at her. Even though you sometimes come off as a bit reserved, you're really quite spontaneous. Right? [confirmed] When it comes down to it, you're a decisive person. [confirm again] You're quite sensual, and like exploring your sexuality. [right again] I like those traits in a girl! Let's test it. I'm only here this weekend - will you spend the night with me?

This use a collection of techniques. First, build curiosity (which translates into interest in you). Use standard Barnum statements/cold reads to create a yes-set. Use Cialdini's Commitment/Consistency to hold her to it. Use scarcity (now-or-never) to increase likelihood of a "Yes". A qualification of why you are interested in her, making it seem less random.

An improvement would be to make her make sacrifice of some sort earlier, maybe to talk about her grabbing chances instead of being decisive.


  • You evil, evil man..

    This is gold ^_^

    By Anonymous BG, at 2:59 AM  

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