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Monday, February 07, 2005

Nested stories / nested thoughts

Over on HypnoticTechniqueExchange, Thomas Drewing just posted a nice example of and induction for learning nested stories, which he has kindly allowed me to repost here. Nested stories/nested thoughts is a technique for slipping embedded commands to the subconscious of the person you are talking to. The idea is to start with one story where the listener associate with the main character, then use other stories to illustrate points in the first story, then again using more stories to illustrate later points. Each time you transition to another "level of story", you make sure that the main character is linked to the main character at the previous level. That way, the listener will keep associated. At the innermost levels of story, you will give the main character embedded ommands. The listener is associated with that character - so s/he will pick up the command. As you pull yourself back to the original topic of conversation, the subthread will be forgotten by the conscious mind - and only the command will be left.

Over to the posts:

From: Thomas Drewing (in reply to a post asking about examples of nested stories)

An example? Hmmmmm......you're kind of putting me on the spot here, aren't you? I have to admit...I'm a bit of a contrarian. But, it reminds me of when I was in school and the teacher kind of called on me "by surprise"....heheheheh. Did that ever happen to you when you were in grade school? Just, when your attention had drifted a little bit....and you were really intent on hearing something that was just too juicy to pass up? I had an uncle...my favorite uncle actually....he taught me to play chess, when everyone else thought I was too young to understand it. I thought I could do it just fine. But of course, there are always skeptics trying to tell you what isn't possible. Anyway....my uncle...when he was a fairly small kid...I'm not sure exactly what age.....had a problem communicating clearly exactly what he wanted. He was a stutterer....and often, when he really needed to be able to express himself in a way that someone would understand and take action on, he'd kind of freeze up for a second. You may have seen something like this if you watched the PBS special "I Clavduis". My dad used to let me stay up late....if I was good, of course....to watch it. If you're not familiar with the story....it was about ancient Rome and the Caesars. There was Julius and Augustus and Nero and Caligula, and a few others...who were all related and passed the Emperroroororroship (how do you say that? ;o) down from one to the other as history became embedded in the past. I'm not sure exactly what order.But at some point, The people had had enough of the system as it were.....and killed off Caligula. And that kind of left them in a bind....as there was no heir apparent, seeing as how the old system had pretty much killed off all the new talent. So, someone got the idea to nominate old stuttering Claudivs. And there was a bit of mirth at that, because everyone knew he was just a patsy.....that he couldn't actually master the most powerful empire on the planet. But, he fooled them. Beneath the guy that everyone thought they knew...the guy who had never been able to convince anyone of anything....lay a powerhouse...just waiting for the right moment. I'm sure he was just as surprised that he pulled it off, as anyone else. But, he managed to bring order back to Rome and to rule prosperously for years.All he had lacked before was confidence. But, once he saw that he really was in the position to do something, he did. His stuttering went away and he was able to confidently rule over all the naysayers....distinguishing himself to all whose lives he affected. Anyway...my uncle was like that. I don't remember him from before the time he made a big difference in my life. I never heard him stutter. I just loved him and was grateful to him. He changed my life. He believed in me. Is there anything better than that? The rest is ancient history, as far as I'm concerned. Through the years...I had some teachers who believed in me...and some who didn't. You may have had a special one or two yourself. I don't know. Most of them, by far, didn't see the possibilities in me, that just a couple did. I fought that my whole school career. But, it turns out that the ones who did recognize the vital spark.....were right. I did turn out to be a useful member of society. And perhaps the ones that didn't had a point too...even if they didn't mean it the way I do now. I used to get comments on my report cards. They usually read something like, "Thomas shows so much promise. If only he would learn to apply himself." Despite my contrary ways, I did eventually learn. In fact, I'm sure of it right now. They were right. I have applied myself. And I do have a place in the world. It's not a common one. But, its absolutely necessary. It just seemed to take me forever to figure out what it is. And I fought a good bit of the way. Maybe you have too. If I were to look that teacher who put me on the spot, right in the eye today, I would be able to confidently tell her....."Yes. I do know the answer!" I imagine my uncle had a similar experience. Who knows? Maybe you have something like that in your own life. But...don't you think it behooves us to think about what we are communicating to others? What's rebellion all about, if we don't use it to repay the debts we owe to everyone who has ever helped us? I want to make a difference in the world...even if its just a small personal one. I once read that you can never pay back what has been given to you. You can only pay it forward. But, the compound interest will blow you away! That's the kind of thing I tend to think about, in the quiet moments of my life. What if its true? Even if it isn't....I have to understand that I believe it. And isn't that the most important thing in life? Are your beliefs useful? If they are, then no matter what the "real" truth is....it serves us to serve others. And the best way we can do that is by communicating to them clearly, at levels that they will feel heard and loved. Every time we do that, its like someone we love and trust, telling us "You've done a good job!" Don't you like to hear that? I do. Good job!

... and then Thomas follows up with

Read it a few times....its basically installing the skill as it provides the example.As you read it....and feel yourself going into a bit of a distracted daze....feel free to simply take it on board structurally, with all the other skills you perform everyday without a thought. You don't think about driving when you hop in your car to go somewhere do you? No. That's an unconscious skill that simply shows up at the appropriate times, without you having to call it. Why should talking to people be any different than that? Just set your intent and talk. The part of you that handles that kind of stuff will do it just fine without any micro-managing. You can review it later in your mind, if you want a greater conscious understanding of the process. You will be amazed at all the things you do automatically without even noticing at the time! But, to try to follow and kibitz and interpret and ask questions, while it is going on...is a bit like that guy who interrupts you when you are sarging some luscious female, and keeps blowing her state and your flow. Don't be that guy to yourself. That would truly be irrational, would it not?

Yay for good use of language!

If you are in the group, Thomas continues with an analysis of what he does in the story here.


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